About Us


We moved to St John, the place we feel most at home in all the world, to start our small family, bringing with us years of experience in construction, fabrication, repair and management. Over the years we have worked closely with a broad range of private homeowners, restaurants, rental properties, craftsmen, service providers, repair specialists and businesses here in our island home.

Living on St. John lends us the opportunity to be hands-on every day, both in supporting our community and in building our business. As business owners we are always aware that our clients are not just customers, they are our neighbors and friends, and our partners in helping to keep St. John the incredible, vibrant, one-of-a-kind place that it is. We take great pride in caring for the homes of the friends and families in our community, as well as the short-term rental homes for those thousands of folks who visit our island every year and feed our local economy. We know that the quality of their experience here on the island will make all the difference in their decision to visit us again and again.